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Stories Told – For the Love of Roses

I immigrated to Canada from Germany in 1956, a little over 60 years ago. In May 1966 my wife and I moved from Vancouver to Coquitlam where we live to this date.

In 1969 I bought my first rose book in order to learn how to bud roses. Right next to the chapter on budding there was, “How to create your new rose varieties by crossbreeding.” I found this interesting and exciting! A passion was born and right then I decided to start hybridizing roses. I now have over 30 varieties registered internationally.

In 1981/82, my first rose, the Canadian White Star, was introduced and in 2001 it was in a Canada Post set of postage stamps featuring Canadian bred roses. In early 2003, the stamp featuring my hybridized rose was also chosen in the Paris-based International Philatelic Competition as the “Most Beautiful Stamp” in the Americas and the “Third Best” stamp in the world. Most recently, I won “Best Canadian Hybridized Rose” with Canadian White Star.at this year’s Fraser Pacific Rose Society Rose Show.

In forty years of hybridizing, my best and most famous rose is the miniature Glowing Amber. It was introduced in 1996, and 2015 was its first year of eligibility for the Miniature & Mini-Flora Rose Hall of Fame. It was inducted by the American Rose Society honouring miniatures and mini-floras that have stood the test of time in commerce for at least 20 years, recognizing excellence and longevity. It was selected from 58 contenders.

I am the only Canadian Hybridizer to have received this honour from the American Rose Society. This rose is still very popular and winning in rose shows around the world, including Canada, USA, UK, South America, Australia and New Zealand. I myself have won more than 50 trophies with Glowing Amber over the years – five of them one weekend in the summer of 1996 at three different shows: Coquitlam (1), Tacoma, WA (2) and Olympia, WA (2) – two of them Best in Show. Glowing Amber rose is particularly winter hardy, since it was hybridized in Canada.


Mr. George Mander is longtime Coquitlam resident and is an established rose hybridizer.


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