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Salmon Project

Salmon Sculpture

Salmon are an integral part of Coquitlam’s story – they’re the city’s namesake, they were an important food source for early residents (First Nations and European alike), and in modern times, their continuing presence in our local rivers is an important reminder of the nature around us.

Later this year, 12 large decorated salmon sculptures will be permanently installed in prominent locations around Coquitlam as part of a public art project celebrating Coquitlam’s 125th anniversary.

In keeping with the Coquitlam 125 vision Stories told – stories to be created, the sculptures will be adorned with designs reflecting the City’s past, present and future.

Corporate and community sponsors are being sought to bring this meaningful legacy art project to life.

Project overview

Sculpture designs and locations

The 12 artists bring diverse cultural backgrounds, experiences and inspiration to the project, resulting in a wide variety of creative and colourful designs reflecting many different aspects of the community.

Read a backgrounder with more details about the artists.

Maria Centola - Lafarge Lake

Lafarge Lake (Pinetree Way) – artist Maria Centola: The design will depict Town Centre in acrylic paint and capture how Coquitlam expresses itself through sports, arts, education and community events.




Wilfrido Limvalencia - Mackin Park (image 1)

Mackin Park (one of two, Lougheed Highway and King Edward Street) – artist Wilfrido Limvalencia: In acrylic paint, the design will transform the sculpture into a map of the Fraser and Coquitlam Rivers, dotted with local landmarks and natural elements.




Jolayne Devente - Mackin Park (Image 1)

Mackin Park (one of two, Lougheed Highway and King Edward Street) – artist Jolayne Devente: Referencing Fraser Mills, the design will cover the sculpture in abstracted cedar bark in blues and purple, with cracks of yellow, orange and red creating the impression that the sculpture is burning from within.




Elvira DS - Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex (Image 2)

Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex (Poirier Street) – artist Elvira DS: Created with acrylic paints and small mirror mosaics, the design will represent the past, present and future, and include a female side with the word “Kwikwetlem” and the year 1891, and a male side with “Coquitlam” and 2016.




Jenna Mortemore - Coquitlam Crunch

Coquitlam Crunch (Lansdowne Drive) – artist Jenna Mortemore: The design will feature personal stories and experiences of Coquitlam residents and celebrate everyday occurrences, within an illustrated map of the neighbourhood.




Dennis Creighton - Blue Mountain Park

Blue Mountain Park (King Albert Avenue and Porter Street) – artist Dennis Creighton: The design is a series of images depicting the creation, discovery and growth of Coquitlam, with imagery such as the river, migrating salmon, First Nations and French Canadians.




Iman Baradaran Hashemi - Poirier Public Library

Poirier Public Library (Poirier Street) – artist Iman Baradaran Hashemi: In acrylic paint, the design will show the diversity of cultures in Coquitlam with human figures, circles and natural elements.




Shohre Shirazi - City Hall

City Hall (Pinetree Way and Burlington Drive) – artist Shohre Shirazi: In acrylic paint, the design will portray a 21st century Coquitlam that cares about the environment, while introducing rapid transit as a symbol of speed and the future.




Cory Douglas - Victoria Park

Victoria Park (Soball Street and Victoria Drive) – artist Cory Douglas: The design will use Coast Salish elements such as the orca, bear, eagle and salmon to tell a story in acrylic paint inspired by migrating salmon and their relationship to their natural predators.




Elham Sarvi - Cottonwood Park

Cottonwood Park (Foster Avenue and Aspen Street) – artist Elham Sarvi: The design will reflect the cultural diversity of Coquitlam, and use motifs inspired by the Korean, Chinese and Iranian cultures to promote peace and harmony.




Flavia Chan - Como Lake Park

Como Lake Park (Gatensbury Street) – artist Flavia Chan: Floral elements, migrating salmon and a playful mascot named Kwetlem are part of the design, which represents Coquitlam moving towards a bright future.




April Lacheur - Mundy Park (Image 1)

Mundy Park (Hillcrest Street) – artist April Lacheur: Telling the story of Coquitlam’s past, present and future, the colourful and hopeful design will incorporate salmon, First Nation elements, a river, a tree and mountains.





Corporate partners and community sponsors are being sought to support the salmon art project. Each sculpture requires a $5,000 sponsorship and can be sponsored by individuals, businesses or other organizations.

Sponsoring a salmon sculpture is a great way to give back to the community and raise the profile of an organization or business.

Sponsor names and/or logos will be included on a plaque at the sculpture site, on signage during the unveiling ceremony, and on a variety of online and print promotions.

For more details, check out the Coquitlam 125 Salmon Project Fact Sheet.

A number of locations have already been sponsored; see below for a list of Salmon Project Partners.

Why Salmon?

Coquitlam’s name is derived from the Kwikwetlem term for “small red salmon,” from the days when the Coquitlam River was thick with sockeye salmon.

The sockeye disappeared after the construction of a dam in the early 1900s, but nearly a century later, the Kwikwetlem people, working with local stakeholder groups, have successfully brought the sockeye back to spawn in the Coquitlam River.

Chosen for their historical significance, salmon will become eye-catching works of art that illustrate Coquitlam’s past, present and future.

About Jody Broomfield

Jody Broomfield


An award-winning artist of the Squamish Nation, Jody Broomfield has been selected to design and fabricate the 12 salmon sculptures. Jody has been a full-time artist since 1999 and enjoys working with a variety of mediums, including metal, fibreglass, wood and stone.

His work has been part of public art projects in Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Whistler, Burnaby and Port Moody.

Salmon Project Partners

We’d like to extend a big thank you to our partners for supporting the Salmon Project to commemorate our anniversary year and leave a lasting legacy for our community for years to come.

New Ageless LogoCoquitlam Crunch “As a dedicated medical professional and aesthetic practitioner, beauty is my career. At the end of a long day, I like to balance all of that with the serene surroundings we have here in Coquitlam. Taking long walks in the forest, sitting by the streams, or watching wildlife at play are all things I genuinely love to do. So, I didn’t hesitate when I was asked to participate in the wonderful project of Coquitlam 125. It not only supports a great cause, like the Salmon Project, but also helps us maintain Coquitlam’s beautiful forests, lakes, and gardens. As a local business owner, I am grateful for the opportunity to make an investment in our community. It is important to sustain our natural resources, so that we can pass them along to future generations.” Dr. David Owers, MD


Allard Contractors Ltd. logo

Mackin Park “In recognition of 104 years in Maillardville, the Allard family is pleased to be a proud partner in Coquitlam 125. The first of the Allard family arrived in 1912 to work at Fraser Mills. The fathers of the first two generations died at an early age in accidents and five-year-old Jim Sr. was left to help his mother raise his brother and three sisters. Allard Contractors was founded by Jim Sr. after he returned from his WWII station in Halifax and built a business supplying the community with sand, gravel and concrete. It is this association of belonging to the community that motivates them to participate in this project. It is the family’s desire to recognize its Maillardville roots and give back to the community that has allowed the family and businesses to succeed.” Jim Allard, Allard Contractors Ltd.


Austin Height - BIA logo (2)Blue Mountain Park “The Austin Heights Business Improvement Association (AHBIA) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of the business and property owners in Austin Heights; develops, encourages and promotes business; aesthetically improves the business district and works to keep it clean and safe. AHBIA is pleased to partner with the City of Coquitlam to celebrate the City’s 125th anniversary. We believe that a healthy, thriving business community contributes to the neighbourhood, and as such, we are happy to sponsor the salmon art project in Blue Mountain Park.” Erin Davidson, Executive Director


BMH Logo - 2016Victoria Park “Burke Mountain Homes® has always been committed to giving back. We live and work in the Burke Mountain area, and we understand the importance of building a strong community and creating lasting relationships with the people who live there. Supporting and celebrating Coquitlam 125 by sponsoring the Salmon Art Project is an exciting opportunity to continue giving back to the community we love. We are extremely proud to provide this wonderful legacy for our friends and neighbours to enjoy for years to come.” Rebecca Permack, Realtor® & Founder



Como Lake Park “Como Lake Village Dental Centre has been a part of the Coquitlam community for nearly 45 years and has seen the community change and grow significantly over that time. I grew up in the Lower Mainland, and have been part of the Coquitlam community since graduating from dental school in 1995. As a long term resident and business owner in Coquitlam, I thought that the Salmon Project was an excellent opportunity to invest back into the community that has played such a large role in my life over the past 21 years.” Dr. Sean Kelly


Kia West logo

Mackin Park “Kia West has always been dedicated to helping our local community thrive and grow, not only by selling safe, reliable and greener cars but by giving back to our local community and supporting its local artists. We are so proud to partner with the City of Coquitlam and be a part of the Coquitlam 125 Salmon Art Project. As a continuous Green Star Dealer Award Winner, we love that our sponsored Salmon will be located at Mackin Park, a beautiful place for all families to enjoy!” Mark Ahnert, Owner



Bill Laidler Team of RE/MAX Sabre Realty

Poirier Library “As a realtor in the Tri Cities, Bill understands the importance of giving back to the community. He grew up playing sports and participating in school events, where he benefited from corporate sponsorships. His office is located in Coquitlam and he is proud to be a co-sponsor with another local business owner, Fred Soofi.” Bill Laidler

Marcon LogoCottonwood Park
“Since 1985, Marcon has built and developed over 9,300 exceptional homes across the Lower Mainland. With a reputation as one of British Columbia’s most respected builder-developers. Marcon is known for its trusted quality and dedication to detail, examples of which can be seen from North Vancouver to White Rock. Marcon is proud to support and help celebrate Coquitlam 125 and looks forward to being involved in the continued growth of Coquitlam.” Marcon Group of Companies


onni logoCity Hall “The Onni Group has always been committed to building community and being an active participant in the communities in which it conducts business. With a long history in the City of Coquitlam, it is with great pride that we provide our support in celebrating Coquitlam 125, and the city’s continued path towards vibrancy and growth.” Nick Belmar, Vice President, Sales, The Onni Group


Pasta Polo Logo -UsePoirier Public Library (co-sponsor) “Pasta Polo and Brick Oven Pizza is a casual Italian restaurant in Coquitlam; fresh pasta and authentic sauces made daily on the premises by our Chef Bino from Tuscany. Thin crust pizza in our brick oven is made in the Italian tradition. It is the only restaurant in TriCities with a hydroponic green house for fresh herbs, tomatoes and peppers. Participating in Coquitlam 125 and sponsoring this great art work is an opportunity to raise awareness that it is our responsibility to ensure a healthy future for wild salmon.” Fred Soofi, Owner


Sharon Perry Inc. LogoPoirier Sport & Leisure Complex “Coquitlam is the foundation that Sharon has chosen to root her home and her livelihood. As a resident for over 15 years, Sharon started and grew her family here. A family beyond the children she adores, but also reaching into the lives of the clients of her business, many of who also proudly call Coquitlam home. Sharon Perry, Chartered Professional Accountant is a firm that passionately supports the community of Coquitlam in every manner possible. The 125th anniversary of Coquitlam is a milestone that inspires Sharon, her family and her team to continue to contribute and proudly stand as ambassadors to this truly wonderful community.” “Fifteen years as a home, five years running a business, a story I am elated to be a part of. Congratulations Coquitlam.” Sharon Perry, Principal


square-nine_logoTown Centre Park – Lafarge Lake “At Square Nine Developments, our trademark is superbly crafted, distinctive homes with an emphasis on quality every step of the way. From our architects to our engineers and construction trades people, we work with the best in the industry. They bring the quality workmanship our company is proud to offer. We also strive to meet our commitment of being a part of the community. Working with the City of Coquitlam and being a part of their milestone 125th anniversary is important to us. We look forward to introducing many more milestones with the City of Coquitlam.” Manish Sharma, Director

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