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125 Block Party Challenge



Bring the Celebration to Your Block!

This year we’re challenging all Coquitlam residents to host 125 block parties to celebrate Coquitlam’s 125th anniversary. A block party is a gathering of adjacent neighbours who want to connect and celebrate their community. It’s a great way to get know your neighbours, build new friendships, and enhance the safety and awareness of your neighbourhood.

Who can host a block party?

You can host a block party if you are a Coquitlam resident and live in the neighbourhood.

Where can I host a block party?

Block parties must take place in Coquitlam and can be hosted in a variety of locations, including:

Benefits of Registering Your Block Party

Once you complete the Application and your block party is approved, you will:

Application Requirements

Block Party 1Below are a few requirements you will need to know before you complete your Block Party Application:

Block Party Applications must be submitted a minimum 15 business days prior to the day of the block party and include:

Block Party Guidelines

Below are a few helpful guidelines to assist you with the planning of your block party.

125 Block Party Grant

In 2016, to celebrate Coquitlam’s 125th anniversary, the City is offering 125 grants in the amount of $150.00 to approved block party organizers. The grant funds may be used for food, activities, entertainment, equipment and venue rentals; however, it cannot be used towards the purchase of alcohol.

Grant funds will be awarded based on the following:

Neighbourhood Tree Days Program – Free!

The Neighbourhbood Tree Day Program is an optional add-on to your block party.  A tree expert will come to your block party to do a tree care workshop customized for your neighbourhood. The workshop could include activities such as tree planting on the boulevards or in private yards, tree-well work parties or pruning and tree care demonstrations.

If you wish to participate in this program, please complete the Block Party Application Form.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact our Event Team:


Interested in Joining us as a Coquitlam 125 Partner?

Whether your business is large or small, supporting Coquitlam 125 is a strategic way to enhance awareness of your organization and achieve your marketing goals. With so many events planned for the year, there are numerous opportunities to get involved, including the 125 Block Party Challenge.

For more information, view our 125 Block Party Challenge information sheet.

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