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Stories Told, Stories to be Created

In 2016, Coquitlam turns 125! Look forward to year-long celebrations that honour our rich history and set the stage for a dynamic future.


Coquitlam 125 Signature Events

From the January kick off to the winter light event in November, there is so much to celebrate—a heritage picnic, 125 block parties, an arts festival, neighbourhood celebrations and more!

Coquitlam 125 event line-up:

For more information, visit our events page.

Tell Your Story!

Coquitlam 125 will bring our community together to celebrate and showcase what makes our people and our City great, sharing the stories of our past and creating our future narrative. Visual, performing, literary and multimedia artists will connect with the community throughout the Coquitlam 125 celebrations to curate, animate, showcase and record our stories.

As a legacy project for Coquitlam 125, a BC artist will be commissioned to design a salmon sculpture to acknowledge the importance of Sockeye salmon to Coquitlam’s history. Twelve sculptures will be painted by BC artists and installed throughout the City as permanent public art.

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